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Lindy Cook Severns and Jim Severns in the Davis Mountains of Far West Texas

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- Lindy Cook Severns

Javelina Neighbor, graphite drawing by Lindy C Severns

I'm a real person.  (Except now my hair is short.)

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Lindy Cook Severns

Original Lindy Cook Severns pastel paintings are first inserted in special protective foam board cases for shipping original art and also to transport art for custom framing.

A Lindy C Severns original pastel painting in a protective foam board case ready to box up for shipment.

Jim " the Go-Fer" Severns will find Big Bend Artist Lindy Cook Severns for you, even high in the Davis Mountains of Far West Texas. 

Jim Severns looks across the Davis Mountains for Lindy

Javelina,collared peccary roam the Davis Mountains. They are frequent visitors to Old Spanish Trail Studio.

Apparently, javelina can trample an AirFloat Strongbox without harming the painting packed inside.  We have not tried this. But, neither have we had anything damaged in shipping.  The javelina test, we leave to you.

Javelina visiting Old Spanish Trail Studio in the Davis Mts

Lindy Cook Severns, Davis Mountains State Park Photo by Jim Severns 2013

Fort Davis Artist Lindy Cook Severns at Davis Mountains State Park in West Texas


Ask for a quote!  Shipping fine art is something we know know how to do! (Maybe we can even deliver to you?)

We ship small and medium sized original art via USPS Priority Mail.

If the package exceeds the postal service's size limitations, or when the buyer specifically requests another carrier, we use FedEx. 

Allow up to two weeks for shipment of large original art.

We ship some framed paintings and all large Lindy originals in AIR FLOAT STRONGBOXES, specialized fine art shipping boxes used by museums. We must order a custom box sized for your painting, then package your art and drive it to Midland for shipment directly from the FedEx counter.


We invite you to LAYAWAY original art up to 12 months with no interest or fees.


No fixed rules. Tell us what works for you, and we'll set up the transaction that way if we possibly can. It doesn't hurt to ask!

Gallery Art and Exhibit Paintings might not qualify for layaway. We will inquire for you.


PayPal offers qualified buyers an extended payment plan with no interest for six months-- a nice option for you, because you can enjoy your painting immediately.


We securely accept ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS and PAYPAL.


OPTION #1:  We invoice you via email directing you to a PRIVATE, SECURE CHECKOUT.

We never see your information. Use your credit card or PayPal to make your fine art purchase.

Simple, fast and safe!

OPTION #2:  Email or text us your credit card information, which we are ever so careful with. 

We process your card over a secure, encrypted private connection.

We never store your information!

OPTION #3: Give us your credit card information over the phone.

We process it immediately, then destroy it, pronto, by feeding it to the dog!


We're as careful with your personal information as we are with the paintings we handle. And that is saying A LOT.

Unfortunately, we can no longer accept live chickens as payment for original art. Hopefully this policy will cause little inconvenience to Lindy's fine art collectors.

(We thought you might feel cheated if there was no fine print.)

Email Lindy your questions and concerns!

Whether you're considering a miniature (maybe the first original you've ever bought!) or a large landscape painting for your art collection on the family jet, we are here to serve and assist you in acquiring art you love.

Every fine art purchase is unique, and so are you. 

You'll have questions. 

We sell art all the time. We have answers!

We're almost always able to check email.  Phone service in the mountains can be an iffy thing. Texting usually  works on the wild frontier, even when the phones are down.


​The best way to contact us is email.

Or text us.

Or do it the old-fashioned way and phone us.

If Jim answers, he'll find Lindy.

(Jim really likes to sell fine art!)

What if there's no BUY Now button?

We don't want to sell you the same original one of our galleries sold someone else five minutes earlier.  Two people wanting the same painting at the very same time?  Really?  Trust us, it happens. 

Contact Lindy and we'll confirm that painting's availability for you. In many cases, we can even arrange shipping and process the sale for you.  During regular business hours, this generally takes only minutes.


 Lindy Severns Fine Art