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The Aerie, landscape painting by Lindy C Severns, Fort Davis TX artist

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12" x 9" plein air pastel

Crows Nest Ranch



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4" x 6" pastel on archival paper

en plein air

Gently drifting clouds over the rock palisades at Crows Nest Ranch in the Texas mountains begged me to stop what I was doing and paint them. I found a shady spot and did just that. In this tiny landscape painting, I concentrated on the light escaping the clouds to irregularly illuminate the red volcanic cliffs and the pasture below.



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Light Dance, 6" x 4" plein air drawing, colored pencil by TX artist Lindy C Severns


New Art



6" x 4" colored pencil  on archival paper

en plein air

Mid-afternoon light broke through the dense foliage of this pinon pine, pirouetting across the lower branches and trunk and onto my sandal-bare toes as I drew. I like to show a tree's   innate motion, as well as the play of light, so that you sense the wind floating through the branches.



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June Afternoon, 6" x 4" plein air pastel Lindy C Severns landscape painting


8" x 10" colored pencil drawing on acid-free paper

cholla cactus boldly dares to blossom these delicate petals of rich fushia color,

even in the extreme West Texas heat



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Cholla Bloom 8x10 colored pencil drawing Lindy C Severns