Lindy Cook Severns Fine Art


An original plein air pastel landscape by Lindy Cook Severns

The Davis Mountains  |  Summer  |  Clouds   | Far West Texas  | Trees | Green  |  Vertical Wall Art

Lindy C Severns Fine Art Custom framing by Midland Framing and Fine Arts Midland TX


24" x 18" pastel on archival Pastelbord

custom framed under non-reflective museum glass 


 Domestic Shipping $250

This is the view from my Davis Mountains studio in Far West Texas one summer Sunday afternoon. I'd hiked to the studio, wanting to paint but without having a subject in mind. As I was unlocking the front door, I noticed that these clouds were twice the size they'd been five minutes earlier, and they were still bursting out of their skin.

I dashed into the studio, grabbed my plein air easel and the largest Pastelbord I had, then quickly set up on the studio's porch. While I couldn't finish something this large and this complex in an afternoon, I did map out the shape and energy of the clouds and the shadows cast by the oak and pinion on the mountainside.. It's the most comfortable plein air painting I've ever done, because all I had to do was drag my easel in and out the front door whenever I wanted to paint!

Exhibited at

KDC Associates, Landscape Architecture and Design

Midland, Texas

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Original Plein Air Pastel 


Summertime, original plein air pastel landscape of the Davis Mountains in West Texas by Lindy C Severns